2017 Legal Studies Scholarship

Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman is pleased to announce the 2016 recipient of our legal studies scholarship is Dorronda Bordley.

Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman is pleased to announce the 2015 recipient of our legal studies scholarship is Daniel Toren.

To further its community outreach and support throughout the state of New Jersey, the personal injury law firm of Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman has created the Legal Studies Educational Scholarship. We are offering this scholarship for those pursuing a career in legal studies, or who have been affected in some way by personal injury and are committed to demonstrating determination to rebuild their lives and the lives around them. Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman understands the difficult process of recovery after a personal injury, and wishes to provide educational assistance to those individuals whose lives have been affected by such accidents.

Please see below for details of the 2017 Legal Studies Scholarship.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must be currently enrolled or have applied/been accepted to an accredited college or law school.
  • Applicant must demonstrate academic achievement, reflected by a minimum GPA of 3.5 in high school, undergraduate, or law school transcripts.


Applicants must mail the following completed requirements to our NJ office:

  • Contact information
  • A 500 word typed essay
  • An unofficial high school, college, or law school transcript


  • The recipient of the scholarship award will be notified on or about July 15, 2017.
  • This scholarship award of $2,500 is to be used exclusively for education tuition and related educational expenses.


  • Completed applications must be submitted no later than June 30, 2017. Application materials should be sent into the Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman NJ office (see details below).

Essay Details

Please discuss at least two of the following items in a 500 word essay in order to be eligible for the 2017 Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman Scholarship.

  • What life experiences lead you in the direction of pursuing a degree in legal studies?
  • How has a personal injury to you or a loved one  affected you?
  • How has a personal injury affected your education?
  • How has overcoming a personal injury prepared you to meet the challenges of pursuing a higher degree of legal studies?
  • How will a higher level of learning help you to demonstrate the determination to rebuild your life, following this personal injury?
  • Describe a struggle or obstacle you have had to overcome in your life.

Submission Information

Please mail your contact information and your 500-word typed essay, before June 30, 2017, to Tracey Coba at:

Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC
Attn: Tracey Coba

103 Eisenhower Parkway, 2nd Floor
Roseland, NJ 07068, United States

Please note: By submitting your application, you agree to the use of the scholarship prize for educational purposes only.

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