Healthcare Errors and the Path to Justice

In most cases, medical professionals are knowledgeable and trustworthy people. So when someone goes to the doctor because they are sick or injured, they reasonably expect to receive care that is in their best interest. But sadly, there are instances when a doctor, nurse, or facility actually causes more harm than good. Those who have had their health negatively affected due to a doctor’s error can seek compensation for what they have endured. Sometimes a doctor’s mistake results in the death of a patient, which can bring immense turmoil for the surviving family. In honor of their loved one’s life lost, they can pursue legal action on behalf of their relative. Our friends at Cohen & Cohen provide examples of the most common types of medical malpractice that can lead to wrongful death below.

Incorrect Diagnosis

It is expected that medical professionals will be able to properly identify when a patient has a serious injury or illness. Failing to recognize an adverse health condition can result in a worsened condition and need for additional medical attention. For instance, a doctor could misinterpret a person’s diagnostic results which leads to the wrong diagnosis and a treatment plan that doesn’t work. A lawsuit may be considered if there is sufficient evidence pointing to a problem that was missed. Similarly, a delayed diagnosis can cause harm as well, as the patient may have gone quite some time without the treatment they need to get better or manage their condition. 

Surgery Mistakes

Undergoing anesthesia can be scary for many people. Having surgery in itself can be stressful enough without having to worry about surgical or anesthesia mistakes. There are cases in which a patient has woken up to discover that the wrong part or area was performed on, or that a surgical item was left inside their body. It can be terrifying to arrive home with concerning symptoms, then find out the cause of the pain is due to a medical instrument that was forgotten about. Patients entrust their health and lives in the doctor’s hands, so when they violate this through an error, pursuing legal action is warranted. 

Prescription Issues

Have you ever picked up a prescription and then realized it wasn’t yours, or wasn’t what you were supposed to be taking? Doctors and pharmacists alike can make mistakes when prescribing or handling medications. The outcome of a doctor’s messy handwriting or pharmacist’s oversight can quickly turn serious if a patient takes the wrong medicine type and/or dosage. However, even if the correct drug is provided, the incorrect amount can cause long-term issues for the patient, or fatality. Every person is encouraged to be their own health advocate and speak up or ask questions when something doesn’t seem right. 

Wrongful death from medical malpractice can and does happen. Patients are advised to always stay alert to what their doctor is saying, what their diagnosis is, and getting a second opinion from another doctor or facility if something seems wrong with their care. A wrongful death lawyer can be of assistance if a lawsuit needs to be filed. Being your own health advocate can help prevent serious injury or death caused by medical malpractice. 

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