Uncovering Hidden Injuries After a Car Accident: What You Need to Know

Car accidents can cause both obvious and non-obvious injuries to the people involved in them. And while the significant harms that often show themselves in the immediate aftermath of an accident are the easiest to see, other injuries can lie below the surface and make themselves known in the months – and even years – following an accident.

In the article below, we’ll quickly introduce some of the most common car accident injuries you might not notice immediately but that can cause substantial interference with your enjoyment of day-to-day life.


Whiplash is a soft tissue and spinal injury that can occur when your head is forced backwards very quickly and then is forced to move forward immediately after. The sudden change in velocity and direction puts a tremendous amount of strain on the bones, muscles, and tissues in your neck and can cause bruising, swelling, and other health consequences. As a result, you may wind up feeling pain and discomfort – often severe – for days, weeks, months, or even years after you suffer the injury.


Another common injury from car accidents is known as a concussion. You may have heard or seen the term used in the context of athletes playing high-impact sports, like football or hockey. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that results from rapid changes in direction or velocity (like that experienced in a car crash).

Concussions can cause severe fatigue, headache, nausea, memory loss, and other symptoms that interfere significantly with daily life. 

Soft Tissue Injuries (Sprains or Strains)

While less obvious than bone fractures and breaks, soft-tissue injuries like sprains or strains, can cause very similar discomfort and pain. Often caused when a joint is forced to twist, bend, or move in ways that it’s not built for, strains and sprains can create severe pain for many weeks, months, or years after they’re experienced. This is especially true when the injury occurs in a frequently used joint, like your knee or your elbow, or if you work in a highly physical job.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are a broad category covering any kind of injury that is more than “skin-deep.” Internal bleeding is a frequently cited example, and occurs when the body begins to bleed underneath the skin. This can be a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Other forms of internal injury are less acute but more chronic, creating complications and pain that can last until the source of the injury is properly treated.

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Not all injuries from car accidents are created equal. Some are immediately obvious and apparent, like major lacerations and severely broken bones. Others, however, can hide beneath the surface and cause significant, chronic pain, discomfort, and complications over weeks, months, and years. It’s important to receive adequate health care following an accident and to consult with a personal injury attorney who can help you decide whether to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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