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Successful Verdicts in Somerset County

We’ve represented clients in Somerset County for years, helping them through some of the most difficult parts of their lives as we seek justice together. Here are just a couple examples of the brave people we’ve advocated for:

  • We handled a personal injury case for a Somerset County man who was injured when a defective product caused severe injury to his lungs.  We brought the case to trial and won a significant settlement for our personal injury client.

Have you been injured by the negligence of another person? Whether it’s through a car accident, a negligently performed medical procedure, or a dog bite, the talented attorneys at Mazie Slater can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. Call us today.

We’ve spent decades ensuring that people injured in accidents caused by negligence receive the compensation and damages they deserve. We help those who’ve suffered harm navigate a complicated legal system and find justice. Contact Mazie Slater today if you need our help.

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Everyone who’s been hurt in a car accident or through the negligence of another person deserves a fair measure of justice. So, if you find yourself suffering pain, inconvenience, or loss because of something another person did – or failed to do – call Mazie Slater today. Our team of dedicated legal experts can help make you whole again.