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Successful Verdicts in Essex County

No two personal injury lawsuits are alike. And while you may not find your particular situation described above, you should know that the personal injury lawyers with Mazie, Slater, Katz & Freeman handle all sorts of personal injury litigation, with extensive experience in Essex County cases. 

  • In April of 2010, we helped a client obtain an $18-million dollar verdict against the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark for delaying a C-section that would have prevented her grandnephew from developing cerebral palsy had it been performed earlier. The damages awarded in that case, totalling $16.5 million, helped our client pay for lifetime care for the person who was injured because of the defendants’ negligent medical care.
  • In July of 2007, we helped our client obtain a $14.7 million settlement against a local Mercedes dealership in Caldwell, NJ after he was struck by a vehicle in the defendant’s parking lot. Our client suffered significant economic losses caused by his inability to continue employment at a high-paying asset management firm and also required money for a life-care plan. This record setting settlement allowed our client to recover money which allowed him to have a future he deserves.

In 2017, we helped a young family obtain $4.5 million in damages for the wrongful death of their toddler whose malaria went undiagnosed by a Newark, NJ physician. The money was, in part, awarded for the substantial pain and suffering of our clients.

As Essex County personal injury attorneys, we regularly work with people who have suffered devastating and profound injuries that affect their life and career. We also understand how important – and challenging – it can be to get justice for yourself and your family when you’ve been impacted by the negligence of another person or company. At Mazie, Slater, Katz & Freeman we have a long record of securing large settlements and verdicts for our clients, ensuring that people  like you are fully compensated for your injuries. Contact us today if you have any questions at all about your rights or the remedies available to you.

Our Essex County Personal Injury Attorney Services

We serve the residents of Essex County, New Jersey in all types of personal injury and negligence lawsuits. Whether you’re a student in Newark or a professional living in West Orange, the skilled Essex County personal injury attorneys at Mazie, Slater, Katz & Freeman deliver personalized, compassionate, and effective representation in almost every conceivable variety of personal injury suit, including:

  • Car accidents: The Essex County personal injury lawyers here at the firm are extremely familiar with car accidents, as we litigate countless accident cases each year. Unfortunately, they are a common reality within Essex County, and across the state of New Jersey. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, our personal injury attorneys can help you gain restitution.
  • Animal bites: Animal bites, especially dog bites, are a common cause of injury in Essex County. If you’ve been attacked by a dog owned by a neighbor, a stranger, or an acquaintance, please contact us immediately. The limitation period on your claim is already beginning to expire.
  • Construction site accidents: Construction site accidents are a frequent source of injury in Essex County. They range from forklift accidents caused by untrained and negligent employees, to injuries caused to passerbys by improperly secured building materials. Workers are also injured or killed by the negligence of other workers on construction sites. Ladder accidents and “slip and fall” incidents are also extremely common.

Accidents involving catastrophic injury/paralysis/spinal injury: Injuries involving catastrophic trauma, paralysis, and spinal injuries are particularly difficult to deal with for those injured by the negligence of others. Significant changes to your lifestyle, living environment, and career will probably be required. Contact one of our Essex County, NJ, personal injury lawyers today if you need help navigating this painful life experience.

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Every municipality, city, and state in the United States has rules, regulations, and laws designed to keep its citizens safe from harm and injury. Essex County is no different. If you’ve been injured because someone decided to ignore those important laws, you need the help of the experienced Essex County, NJ personal injury attorneys at Mazie, Slater, Katz & Freeman. Contact us today and discover how we can help you and your family.