As a consumer, you don’t want to think that household everyday items could be one of the most common defective products. You have individual rights as a consumer when you buy a product, and the most fundamental reason is that you want you and your family to be safe. It is essential to remember that the companies who make products, designers, and distributors are all legally obligated to guarantee that any product released to the public does not pose the risk of injury to consumers.


There could be several ways a product could injure a customer, that does not necessarily mean they are unsafe. Legal claims linked to defective products commonly involve some inherent defect in the device’s design. Common product defects include manufacturing errors that happened during assembly, marketing misrepresentation or a failure to warn the public about potential dangers.


Just about any item, that is sold to the public, can be at risk of being a defective product. However, some industries seem to be involved in the majority of legal claims and settlements. Some products like pillows or mailboxes, even when flawed, are very unlikely to cause any harm. Whereas products like motor vehicles, chemicals, medical devices, and children’s toys – if not designed or manufactured well, pose a high risk of severe injury.

List of Most Common Defective Products


Vehicle manufacturers are a common source of defective product claims. Cars have become an essential part of our lives, but there is still plenty that can go wrong in the design and production. There have been many cases involving defectively designed top-heavy SUVs which are prone to flipping over. Airbags are another commonly defective vehicle device which poses a hazard to occupants, and even faulty tires have caused accidents.


Children’s toys have been the subject of numerous lawsuits over the years, especially those toy producers who design products which are easily swallowed by small children creating a choking hazard. There have also been cases of toys which have been made with toxic paint or other potentially hazardous materials, which can cause long-term health issues.


Pharmaceuticals and medical devices represent another well-known industry within defective product lawsuits. Thousands of people may have defective medical devices implanted or may be prescribed medicines before the dangers are fully understood.


Chemicals or other hazardous materials have caused a great deal of harm and injury across a wide range of industries. A notable case was the Roundup Ready Weedkiller, which was shown to cause cancer. Another example was asbestos – used in auto manufacturing.

Manufacturers and designers of products have a duty to design and manufacture their products in a safe fashion and to warn of any dangers they know or should know.


Have you been Injured by a Defective Product?

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