How to File and Win Your Personal Injury Claim

Have you or a loved one suffered due to someone else’s negligence? You may be able to file a personal injury claim that seeks compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Personal injuries are often due to car accidents but also result from medical malpractice, burns, toxic exposure, workplace accidents, slips and falls, and a range of other life-altering events. 

After the Accident: Preparing for a Personal Injury Case

Get immediate medical help. Being evaluated by a medical professional is the most important action to take after an injury. During treatment, your diagnosis, medication, and care will be documented, which is key to winning your personal injury case.

Protect your rights as a victim. You have a specific time period to file a claim, so don’t delay in considering this step. When the death of a loved one or a serious injury has occurred, you will need to act to financially recover from an event that may affect you for a lifetime. 

Handle insurance companies with care. You are most likely filing your personal injury claim with an insurance company or business. Insurance companies work to protect their clients’ interests rather than yours. Be careful about settling your claim too soon after an accident when you may not understand the full effects of the injury.

Keep track of evidence. Be sure to save evidence related to the accident, such as photos, security camera footage, witness contact information, or faulty products. 

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Through an initial consultation, you can find a personal injury lawyer who will work to successfully resolve your case. Accident cases are complex, involving investigations, witness interviews, negotiations, settlements, and sometimes a trial. You’ll want to choose a licensed attorney who has a winning record in personal injury claims and experience in handling cases like yours. Be sure to ask questions, such as the best way to communicate with your attorney and how contingency fees work. A personal injury lawsuit may eventually be filed if you cannot reach an agreement with the responsible party. Because of this, you want to choose a law firm that is prepared to assist you during both negotiations and a trial.If you need knowledgeable guidance following an injury, contact Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.